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TV Repair Dubai | Best Samsung TV Repair near Me | Hk-Fixers​

Are you suffering from your broken TV or the bad performance of your TV display? So, why wait? Hk-Fixers is now offering affordable TV services in Dubai. As we know electronic appliances like TVs are becoming more advanced day by day. Also, their usage percentage is going to increase with time. So, its repair demand is also going higher day by day. Considering the higher demands of TV Repair Dubai, we proudly provide the best Television/LCD repair services in Dubai. If you are looking for the best TV repair near me then no need to look further call us now!

Why choose us for your television repair services?​

Due to various reasons, we want to be your trusted partner in Dubai. As we believe in customer satisfaction and long-term relationships we provide transparent services to our clients. We don’t charge any hidden rates also our rates are affordable.

Fast and quick response is a plus point because we care about our customers and we don’t want to leave them in any kind of TV-related frustration. Also, we provide same-day repair services to ensure the fast recovery of your television. So, pick up your phone, and let’s make a call to learn about our TV services.

Customer care and satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. So we provide satisfactory tv repair services to all our clients.

Reasonable rates

We can confidently say that our rates are reasonable according to other market competitors. We try to make our regular customers so they can allow us to be their best services partner for a long time.

Same day TV repair service

We provide same day repairing services as we understand the need of television in your home. 

Fast and Quick Assistance

Our fast and quick response to customer calls makes us unique and passionate about our services. It is our dedication that we don’t want to skip any single call of our customer.

Sana Electronics 24
Sana Electronics 24
Very good 👍
Md Muttakin
Md Muttakin
Service is very good.
Mian Usama
Mian Usama
My tv cable was smatched and cabel socket broke down. I called hk Fixers to fix my tv cabel and socket. I live in silicon oasis, the electrician reached in 10 minutes. After deep inspection and repairing my tv cabel got fixed. I want to say thanks for LED TV repair in silicon oasis.
Abdul Husain
Abdul Husain
Best tv repair dubai services. i highly recommends hk fixers if you need any appliance repair services. The electrician was professional and has good knowledge about samsung tv brand.👍👍
Sahi Naeemhassan
Sahi Naeemhassan
They know what to do exactly! The electronic was highly experienced and he knew everything about TV. I just want to say thanks to him for my Samsung Tv repair.

Problems/Issues that we fix in TV

Overall we deal with all kinds of issues related to TV or LCD. But some issues that are common in customers are mentioned below:

  • TV display issues
  • Screen problems
  • Pixelation issues
  • Blinking of a TV screen
  • Linings or cracks in the screen
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Screen blackout
  • Sound or speaker issues
  • TV connectivity issues

Above mentioned are the major issues regarding TV but not limited to these. We provide repair services for all kinds of problems. Without any hesitation, you can contact us anytime!

Hk-Fixers repair all kinds of TV brands​

We provide repair services for all kinds of TV brands. As our electricians are up to date with the latest technologies we confidently repair all types of TVs or LCDs. A few major brands are mentioned below:


Samsung TV Repair Dubai

Samsung is the most widely used brand in the world. Various Samsung electronics like smartphones, TVs, LCDs, Laptops, and home appliances are frequently used in everywhere. Due to its best technology, many people prefer to use Samsung TVs and LCDs.

Hk-Fixers provides the best Samsung TV repair Dubai services. If you have a Samsung TV and need repair service then no need to look further, simply call us! Our technicians are highly experienced and practically they repaired many Samsung TVs and LCDs. So they have an idea of all kinds of issues and also they know how to repair them! All we want is to provide you the quick and valuable solutions that can give you comfort in the future.


LG TV Repair Dubai

LG is another common brand that is used all over the world. It is consistently providing the latest technologies to enhance the daily life of customers. Because of its advanced technology, many people in Dubai use LG TVs/LCDs in their homes or offices. So, due to its high usage, its repair demand is also high!

Considering the customer demand we provide LG TV Repair Dubai services to ensure the better and prompt working of your LCDs/TVs. Our expert technicians are available to assist you with your LG TV issues. We have to serve you satisfactory services. So, if you are looking for LG TV Repair near me in Dubai, then call hk-fixers.


Sony TV Repair Dubai

Sony brand is known for its audio excellence all over the world. People prefer their televisions because of their best audio sound performance. We provide satisfactory Sony TV Repair Dubai services for better performance of your television. At hk-fixers, we have experienced electricians to deal with your Sony TV issues. We understand the frustration when you miss your favorite TV show. So to provide you with a level of comfort and satisfaction we are available for you to ensure the consistent working of your television.


Philips TV Repair Dubai

Philips is an innovative brand that provides the best electrical appliances and it is used all over the world. In Dubai, people who use Philips TVs in their homes also need the best repair services. So, we provide the best Philips TV Repair Dubai services to ensure the better working of your television. Just call away hk-fixers are available to assist you with your TV issues and repair needs.


Panasonic TV Repair

In Dubai, people also use Panasonic TVs in their homes. Do you need a repair service for your Panasonic TV? We are here to help you in fixing your Panasonic TV issue. Our experienced electricians are confident in providing you the satisfactory Panasonic TV Repair services. Keeping in consideration the prompt working of your TV/LCD we ensure reliable services to all our customers.


Toshiba TV Repair

If you have a Toshiba brand TV at your home and it is not working properly then you need to contact us to get our reliable Toshiba TV Repair services. We don’t want you to miss your favorite drama, movie or show just because of any fault. So, to ensure the consistent working of your TV we provide the best repair services in all areas of Dubai.

TV Repair Dubai-related customer search queries

Contact HK-Fixers from anywhere in Dubai​

We provide valuable services in all areas of Dubai. So, if are living and Dubai in any area you can directly call us! Our team is always ready to deliver you the best services. We understand the importance of TV at your home or office. So, no need to wait any longer and contact us now!

We received a lot of inquiries and calls from all over Dubai. So, we efficiently deliver our satisfactory services to all our customers. We also provide other Home appliance repair services. You can check out our menu bar!

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